PTFE Teflon Tube/Pipe 257*3.5 mm Long 1m / Custom

PTFE Teflon Tube/Pipe 257*3.5 mm Long 1m / Custom
Basic Info:

Product Name: PTFE Teflon Tube; Material: PTFE; Colour: White/Customized; Length:100mm; Diameter:257mm; Thickness: 3.5mm;

Product Description:

PTFE Tubing has various configurations and custom designs. PTFE Tubing outperforms glass and graphite because of its inherent superior chemical resistivity and low coefficient of friction, making it an ideal material for fluid transfers.

PTFE Tubing can be used with almost all industrial solvents, chemicals, and corrosive materials, and can be used at elevated temperatures. It can be steam sterilized without effecting its physical properties, such as surface hardness, elongation, flex life or deformation under load.

PTFE Tubing is normally translucent white, however, the degree of whiteness varies with dimensional wall thickness. Colored PTFE tubing is also available and generally used to simplify tube routing during system installations.

PTFE Tubing has applied to many areas, such as Aerospace &Transportation Technology, Electronics, Components & Insulators, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Food Processing, Environmental Sciences, Air Sampling, Fluid Transfer Devices and Water Processing Systems.

PTFE Tubing Advantage:

1. Non-stick properties;

2. Non-flammable: limited oxygen index below 90;

3. Chemical resistance and weatherability;

4. Self-lubrication; with the smallest friction coefficient in plastic;

5. Temperature resistance up to 260º C (500º F);

6. Aging resistance;

7. Can be steam or chemically sterilized in-line;

8. Insulation: used as electrical insulation, sealant and non-adhesive material;

9. Smooth surface: no defects and seoarations;

Packing and Delivery:

Packing Details: PTFE tube will be packed in a standard export wooden case.

Delivery detail: Shipped in 7 days after delivery.

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