Ptfe Teflon Film Thickness 0.06cm * Width 80cm * Long 1m / Custom

Ptfe Teflon Film Thickness 0.06cm * Width 80cm * Long 1m / Custom

PTFE/Teflon Film Sheet is manufactured by suspend PTFE resin after molding. It has the best ability to anti chemistry corrosion, and non-aging, and can be used under -180C ~ +260C without load, and it has the lowest fiction coefficients in known solid materials.


  • Product Name:    PTFE Sheet
  • Main Color:    White
  • Material:    PTFE
  • Sheet Size:    500 x 500 x 0.5mm/19.7" x 19.7" x 0.02"(L*W*T) or custom.


  • 1.PTFE can be used compression molding or extrusion processing; Also it is made of an aqueous dispersion for coating, or impregnation into fibers.
  • 2.Polytetrafluoroethylene Atomic energy, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical, machinery, equipment, instruments, construction, textile, food and other Industry is widely used as high temperature resistance, corrosion-resistant materials, insulation materials, anti-sticking coating.
  • 3.Hard material, high strength, not easy to damage, not aging;
  • 4.High temperature/Low temperature/Corrosion resistant;
  • 5.High temperature, wear resistance, high pressure, acid and alkali, oxidation resistance;
  • 6.Can be very effective in preventing deformation aging.

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